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CINTRA hosts visit by Université Paris Saclay President Gilles Bloch & Executive Director Claude Chappert - 13 June 2016

The UPSaclay delegation visited UMI CINTRA on the same day that a joint-PhD agreement was signed with NTU.

More information about UPSaclay here

More information about the joint-PhD agreement here


CINTRA hosts the AUR@ network workshop - 6 November 2015

CINTRA hosted the 5th edition of the AUR@ network meeting in Singapore on 6 November 2015.  The AUR@ (Association des Unités de Recherche d'Asie) network gathers all the CNRS international research units (UMIs) in Asia that are affiliated to the Institute for Information Sciences and Technologies (INS2I, founder of AUR@), and/or Institute for Engineering & Systems Science (INSIS, joining AUR@ from 2013 onwards).

The network aims to support the development of French ICT research in Asia by encouraging young researcher exchanges between the different UMIs, building on the network's presence near all the key Asian markets to ensure greater visibility and access, and foster more connections with Asian researchers and students.


  • UMI 2954 MICA - International Research Institute for Multimedia, Information, Communication and Applications, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • UMI 3527 JFLI - Japanese French Laboratory of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan
  • UMI 2955 IPAL - Image & Pervasive Access Lab, Singapore
  • LIAMA consortium - Laboratoire Sino-Européen d'Informatique, d'Automatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées, Beijing, China
  • UMI 2820 LIMMS - Laboratory for Integrated Micro-Mecatronic Systems, Tokyo, Japan
  • UMI 3288 CINTRA - CNRS International Thales NTU Research Alliance, Singapore
  • UMI 3281 JRL - Joint Robotics Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan

The members were represented by their respective directors. Director of INSIS Professor Jean-Yves Marzin and Director for International Relations of INS2I professor Anne Doucet also attended the meeting.

The AUR@ network's one-day meeting took place after the AUR@SIA meeting of all CNRS research units in Asia.

Thales group CTO Dr Marko Erman visits CINTRA - 5 November 2015

Dr Marko Erman, Chief Technology Officer of Thales Group, started his visit with a warm welcome from NTU Provost Prof Freddy Boey, and NTu Director (Projects) Prof Tjin Swee Chuan, at the NTU President's office. Marko Erman and the Provost discussed the strengthening of NTU-Thales ties.

He then moved on to the CINTRA laboratory where Director Prof Philippe Coquet introduced the current research projects and activities. Young researchers and students of CINTRA presented their most advanced research results in nanoelectronics and nanophotonics during a subsequent tour of the facilities. Marko Erman congratulated CINTRA on its achivements and called for continued collaboration between Thales and academia.

CNRS President Alain Fuchs visits CINTRA - 2 November 2015

The visit was part of his Lee Kuan Yew Distinguished Visitor Programme invitation agenda.
Alain Fuchs, President of the French Centre for Scientific Research, one of the founding members of CINTRA, visited the lab @ Research Techno Plaza on the NTU campus on November 5th, 2015.

Prof. Chen Tsuhan, Dean of College of Engineering at NTU, Dr Patrick Nédellec, Director of International Relations at CNRS, and Dr Erick Lansard, VP Technical & Space Development of Thales Singapore, were also present.

Prof Philippe Coquet, Director of CINTRA, welcomed the delegation with an introduction of the UMI's history, objective and collaboration and an overview of its research activities and projects. Prof Alain Fuchs congratulated the CINTRA on its achievments and strong collaboration with two strategic partners, NTU and Thales. The visit ended with an exchange with CINTRA's young researchers and students who proudly presented their research results in nanophotonics and nanoelectronics.

More information on the visit of Prof Alain Fuchs to Singapore on the LKYDVP website.


12 PhD Internal Meeting

20 June 2013

Alienor Svietlana Togonal 
"Silicon Nanowires and Thin Films Towards Low Cost Solar Cells"
Loïc Loisel
 "Inducing Reversible Changes in Nano-Crystalline Graphite for Resistive Memory Applications"
Zeineb Ben Aziza
"Graphene Based Gas Sensors "

11 PhD Internal Meeting  

03 April 2013

Majid Panahandeh Fard 
"Kinetics of interfacial chargetransfer at P3HT:GaAs heterointerface"
Tao Jin
"Monolithic integrated polarizer on Mid-Infrared quantum cascade lasers "

10th PhD internal Meeting

08 November 2012

Zeng Shuwen
"Enhanced surface plasmon resonance sensing based on nanostructured materials"
Deng Tianqi
"Quantum Mechanical Simulation of CNT NanoJunction"
9th PhD internal Meeting

27 September 2012

Yap Chin Chong (Ray)
"Carbon Nanotubes for interconnect Applications"
Lu Congxiang
"Carbon Nanotube networks, toward advanced thermal management applications"

8th PhD internal Meeting

24 August 2012

Agnes Messanvi
“Synthesis of GaN nanowires”
Mathieu Bergont
" CVD Graphene and its sensing applications  icrofiber Sagnac Interferometer for sensing application”

7th PhD internal Meeting

29 June 2012

Wu Zhifang
“Fiber-based sensing”
Liu Tao
Theoretical investigation on intrinsic noise of quantum cascade lasers
Loh Guan Chee Jarvis
Pillared-Graphene Nanostructures in Thermal Management Applications

6th PhD internal Meeting

8 June 2012

Syeda Nazia Mokammel
& Le Tran Phuong Trinh
"Super-Capacitor "
Pierre Franck
"Designing Carbon-Nanotube-Based Antennas"
Christophe Wilhelm
"Coupling Of A Vertical III-V Nanowire To A Photonic Crystal Cavity"

January/ CINTRA Evaluation



June / Nobel Prize winner, Professor Albert Fert, at CINTRA.


Workshop on "NanoTechnologies for Electronics and Photonics" (NTEP)

The "Workshop on NanoTechnologies for Electronics and Photonics" (NTEP) that was proposed by CINTRA, has been held the 29 of June 2010 in Thales Research Technology (Palaiseau, France) and the 1st of July 2010 in XLIM UMR Université de Limoges/CNRS (Limoges, France).

Approximately 100 people from several CNRS Research Units (IEF, LPN, LPICM, UMPhi, MPQ, LTM, INL, LAAS, FEMTO, IEMN), Thales (TRT, TAS, …) and from NTU/CINTRA attended this workshop. Interesting presentations and discussions on nanotechnologies as well as their applications for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics were given. A highlight of the workshop was the presentation of the Nobel Prize, Albert Fert on his research activities.

On the CINTRA website, you will find all the presentations given during the workshop at the following link : program

This workshop contributed to reinforce the networking between French and Singaporean researchers and future promising collaborations will start soon with joint research projects and researchers exchanges. Currently, several projects are being drafted between CINTRA, NTU, TRT and other CNRS French Units.

To conclude, thank you very much to E Lansard (TRT director), P Klinge (TRT), D Dolfi (TRT),
J hazelas (TSA) and D Cros (XLIM director), C Darraud (XLIM) for their valuable efforts for co-organizing the workshop. I want also like to thank people from TRT and XLIM for their warm welcome and all the speakers for their contributions.

Finally, to satisfy expectations of many participants we already plan to organize the second edition of this workshop in Singapore in 2011. So, welcome to Singapore next year.

D. Baillargeat


7 Oct / MOU signing ceremony

Back row, from left:
Dr Ng Eng Hen, Singapore’s Minister of Education and Second Minister of Defence,
Mrs Valérie Pécresse, France’s Minister of Higher Education and Research.
Front row, from left:
Dr Su Guaning, NTU President, Mr Arnold Migus,
Director General CNRS, Dr Marko Erman, Chief Technical Officer Thales.

13 nov / Dr Marko Erman visits to CINTRA

From left :

Dr Myriam Kaba, Deputy Director CINTRA,
Mr Patrick Plante, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Technology Centre Singapore,
Dr Marko Erman, Chief Technical Officer, Thales,
Professor Dominique Baillargeat, Director CINTRA,
Dr. Jean-Luc Lambla, Corporate Engineering Director, Thales

16 dec / CINTRA inauguration

Front row, from left:
His Excellency Mr Olivier Caron, Ambassador of France to Singapore;
and Dr Su Guaning, President NTU.
Back row, from left:
Mr Pierre Guillon, Director, Institute for Engineering and Systems Science, CNRS;
Mr Patrick Plante, Chief Executive Officer, Thales Technology Centre Singapore;
Professor Bertil Andersson, Provost NTU;
and Professor Dominique Baillargeat, Director CINTRA.